Interval Ear Trainer

Here’s a simple interactive trainer you can use to start interval ear training. Just listen and see if the two notes are the same - or different:

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About Interval Ear Training

interval ear trainerUsing an Interval Ear Trainer is a powerful way to develop your inner musicality, freeing you up to spontaneously create your own music, entirely by ear and instinct.

What is the first thing you think of when you think of music? Your favorite song? Your favorite artist? The delicious feeling of emotions moving within you?

How about… intervals?

Intervals are where many musicians start out with ear training, the process of developing your ears for music, which helps you to play by ear, improvise, create your own music and truly understand the music you hear and play.

Why Do Interval Ear Training

Intervals… Well, maybe the very mention of the word doesn’t exactly make your heart skip a beat. Yet intervals form the basic building blocks of all music. That’s right, all those wonderful, exciting musical experiences wouldn’t exist without them. Master them, and you’ll expand exponentially in your musical enjoyment and potential to create.

Think about this: music is an art of sounds and how they relate to each other. Intervals describe the most basic relationship between two sounds.

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